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PACT – Project and Collaboration Tool, A SharePoint based social collaboration and project management application. This tool serves as a one stop shop tracking documents, tasks, people, meetings and other collaterals related to a project or any meeting. This tool empowers the team to be accountable and collaborate seamlessly. From Project documentation and multi project scheduling to task management and time tracking along with advanced project analytics – all can be found in this project management tool.

Project Workspace Features

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Milestone Tracking

  • Track every milestone closely
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Task Allocation

  • Track status of the assigned tasks
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Project Live Feed

  • Live update on latest happenings projects
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Project Summary

  • Single view of all projects that you are over-seeing as a project manager
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Risk Tracking

  • Track risks and plan for mitigation
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Trending Project

  • See the projects that are most looked at
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  • Effort Deviation Report, Resource Loading report
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Workspace Templates

  • Create a new project workspace yourself with a single step process
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Follow a project

  • Follow projects of your interest

Meeting Workspace Features

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Meeting Planning

  • Plans Meetings(360 view of Meetings)
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Action item tracker

  • Tracking and Monitoring of action item list for each meeting
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Yammer Integration

  • Adds Social aspect to your project management
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Meeting Minutes Generator

  • Track the attendee’s progress and feedback on meetings





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