This feature eliminates the time spent on compiling data about your projects for reporting. Portfolio Dashboard presents you the summary of progress, health, and risk levels of a single project or the projects in your entire project portfolio. It helps project managers to quickly communicate project status, cost, and budget information and get up-to-date visibility into projects.
They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – and the same is true of your projects. Start your projects by working out a schedule and organise your tasks based on your priorities.
Get full control of the progress of your projects with PACT. This feature provides real insight by monitoring – progress of projects and tasks falling behind which directly helps to stay on track with milestones, tasks, etc.
PACT helps you to define, create, allocate, organize and execute tasks with ease. See which tasks have been worked on for how long and by whom, which are the current and the upcoming tasks of your team members with this feature.
A project can successfully sail through if risks are properly tracked and alleviated. PACT can help you identify and manage the factors which influence risks and help to plan appropriate risk mitigating strategies.
Find the right document in the right place. With this feature of PACT you can store, organise, search, locate and share all your project related documents. PACT reduces the complexity of managing documents, presentations, requirements and ensures security and integrity of these documents.
This feature helps to be updated, save time, minimize errors and risks through auto alerts and emails notifications. It reminds the employee about task due dates, notifications on delayed tasks, timesheet submission alerts, etc.
A good meeting only happens after thorough planning. It is important feature as it ensures meetings are properly planned to increase visibility of projects and see better outcomes.
Newly joined team members can find it difficult to catch up what has been discussed in the past meetings. Meetings history tracker feature consolidates notes and help with past agenda, minutes and personal comments.
Action items are an outcome of meetings and it is important to track them so that they can be converted in to logical closures for successful implementation of projects. With the help of this feature changes can be made to the progress of the action item and the status of the task can be updated
PACT integration with Yammer is a perfect recipe for project collaboration. Add the social aspect to your project management by getting latest updates posted to yammer on to PACT.