Online Project CollaborationPACT- (A Project collaboration tool)has become indispensable to many organizations. PACT enables organizations to effectively manage product features and platform variations needed to remain competitive without being affected by functionality. PACT has three variants, namely:

  1. Joint Venture Workspace
  2. Bid Management Workspace
  3. Project Management Workspace

The Joint Venture Work Space (JVWS)is a project collaboration tool, designed to be used by the senior management and project managers. People who are responsible for the management and implementation of projects will find this helpful with features like facility arrangements with a real-time workspace for collaboration, discussions and document sharing.

Joint Venture Work Space collaboration solution helps companies of all sizes and specialties connect easily, share efficiently and streamline the management process. This tool serves as a one stop shop for tracking documents, tasks, people, meetings and other collateral’s related to a project or meeting. This tool empowers the team to be accountable and collaborate seamlessly from project documentation and multi project scheduling to task management and time tracking.

This software comes with dashboards. This can manage the development and version control of proposal documents in a centralized workspace with access to every one including consultants, external vendors and sub- contractors.


  • Dashboards of projects and meetings scheduled
  • Meeting requests
  • Task management
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Know Project status process
  • Schedule projects and meetings
  • Stay connected with team
  • Centralize project documents
  • Secure access to external Users

Acuvate’s Project collaboration tool enables easy access with Bid Management workspace. This solution enables you to collaborate and communicate better between all the stakeholders and suppliers of the enterprise during bid management process. This tool offers a rich user experience. Bid Management Workspace has enhanced control over capture planning and proposal activity. It also has alerts and notifications of risks and dependencies, strengthened bid and proposal decision-making. The features include planning and resource allocation and Implementation of workflows for TO business and proposal development processes

Bid Management Workspace strengthens bid and proposal decision-making, planning, resource and allocation.


  • Share, review and approve bid information to be released, supplier question & snswers, documents, tasks and other information.
  • All bid related task management at one place.
  • Manage the status of the bid.
  • Manage bid notifications to suppliers and internal stake holders
  • Manage supplier Q&A lifecycle.
  • Ability to review supplier bids and evaluate.
  • Audit Trail
  • Ability to publish the bid to the suppliers on the supplier portal.
  • Enable suppliers to register interest and submit their Bids.
  • New bid release notifications.
  • Audit trail of supplier activity

Acuvate Project Management solution serves as an effective tool for not just PMO review and tracking, but also for seamless project management and project team collaboration. Some of its unique abilities include “Go-Social” philosophy, ability to leverage SharePoint platform effectively and Migrate to Office 365 (Microsoft Cloud) with minimal changes.


  • Self-service features for PMO like new project creations with configurable governance
  • Rich and effectively designed Project dashboards for viewing 360° view of assigned project in a single snapshot.
  • View the progress of reporting employees’ projects
  • Social features like Trending, Follow and Project Recommendations
  • Facebook style project activity feed
  • Centralized notifications and actions centre