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Wave is a SharePoint based Idea Management application. It is designed to capture, collaborate, evaluate and select bright ideas that can be executed to stay flexible and in sync with today’s fast-paced business paradigm. Wave has been designed to provide the following benefits to its users:

  • Provide an Innovation Platform to your employees to Ideate and Collaborate towards Business Transformation
  • Brings in employees inclusivity by enabling your employees to propose solutions to important Business Challenges
  • Nurtures inclusive, transparent and robust Innovation Management Process
  • Helps Idea Realization by ensuring your Business Captures, Deliberates and Implements the best Ideas from your employees
  • Provides Framework to Identify and Reward your employees for Ideation and Collaboration

Key Features

Ideate & collaborate

Ideate & collaborate

  • Submit an Idea
  • Crowdsourcing features
Solutions to Business Challenges

Solutions to Business Challenges

  • Share & Manage Challenges
  • Get Ideas on Challenges
Idea Management Process

Idea Management Process

  • Process to shortlist
  • Panel Member Voting
Dashboards & Reporting

Dashboards & Reporting

  • View idea count
  • View idea status


  • Points for Ideation
  • Badges based on contributions
ISMAC Compliant

ISMACTM Compliant

  • Integration with social, mobile, analytics and cloud




Wave Workflow



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